Friday, 13 March 2009

Well what a week so far!

Monday went over to office which is a pain as it's a 1.5 hour drive but it was good to see most of the office staff lol, no all, well one was on holiday. Then over to Kettering and met Neil and yes i brought the coffee again.

Have decided the next group i'm going to set up will be Corby i think, hopefully in April at the Premier inn corby.

Tuesday was great, we had a networking meeting at The Hampton, in Peterborough.
I'm the area leader for the group so have to stand up and do most of the talking, but I hate it..
we had a great group in about 30 and they seemed to enjoy it, many heckling me for the laugh and we ran over by about 20mins. Garry Gorman did a presentation on twitter and it was so popular that about 7 of the group went over to Mc Ds to have a live twitter training session (excellent).

Went over to St Ives Cambs for a networking event and a curry. I was great met a few business people who may turn into great oppertunitys and the food was excellent. Cheers Neville (Three Counties) for the invite.

Had a meeting this week at the Haycock hotel just off the A1. What a nice place, coffee was good too.

After a great breakie down in Bishop Stortford 4N and meeting up with some great guys down there. I had a meeting with Nigel Lord at his offices. What a great guy and his firm has a great set up, apart from parking which was just a bit of a pain, Loughton drivers don't like to give way.

Well Been doing to much of this and not enough work.

Apart from doing some work going to give a lot of thought in to finding a new hobby or interest as I'm getting so bored. or is that boring lol.

laters x

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Tuesday at the Hampton pub

well just been getting some of the stuff ready for the 4 Networking meeting at the Hampton on Tuesday.
well If everyone turns up it will be a mad morning, 39 different businesses networking and keeping business trading locally. what a wide range of skills in one room, should be great meeting. if any of you want to come along go to

who's coming?
Amanda Pleavin, Amanda Pleavin Marketing
Melanie Mann, Benchmark
David Crust, Blue Beetle Signs an...
Matt Bunnage, boldfield computing
stuart jones, Business by design
Dorien, DARS media design
Amanda Spivack, Deafblind UK
Arthur Kemp, Exact Business Servi...
Cheryl McCready, Greenwoods Solicitor...
Kevin Crighton, H.E.C. Enroute
Martin Rhodes, HHG Business Service
Mike Nicholls, New Image Office Des...
Mark Hedley, Reclaim Partners
Diane Smith, RSP safety services
Steven Stuart, SPS Leaflet Distribu...
Will Baker, The Will Be Co Ltd -...
Gary Johannes, Bartercard (thats me)
Neil Slinn, Bartercard
Alan Myson, CSM Carpets & Floori...
Pippa Wilson, hc solicitors LLP
Ann Hovell, Independent Distribu...
Jane Jones, JJ Mortgage Services
Andrew lindsay, Moving Up Media
Sharon Craft, Papershrink Ltd
Gary Gorman, Paradigm Training Lt...
Stefan Thomas, Real Marketing
Karry Fuller, Spectrum Home Financ...
Simon Grima, Stitch 2 Impress
Chris Matthews, Telecom plus - Utili...
Richard Finney, The Best
Graham Wild, The Book People
Ann Hawkins, The Inspired Group
Stefan Keymer, The IT Optimiser
Neville Tustin, Three Counties group
Marika Riddick, Travelcounsellors

Late start Saturday

Was rubbish didn't need to get up but been up by 5.45am every day last week so was awake early today and by 8am decided was no point trying to lie in.

Now off to bank to see if it's still there! Do i own part of it now? and what bit?
well with the amount of charges I've paid, I must own the branch.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Boeing 737 available on Bartercard

Sign of times: aircraft, boats,
Rolls-Royces up for exchange

IF you ever think that barter is for
rats-and-mice deals, think again.
Big-ticket items planes, castles,
boats and Rolls-Royces are
starting to turn up for sale in barter
It is a sign of the times.
"When we started in 1991, we
described barter as a recession
buster," recalls Wayne Sharpe,
founder of Bartercard, the largest
barter exchange in the world.
In this 21st century recession,
barter has come into its own.
Sharpe, chairman and chief executive
of Bartercard International,
jokes that he now has enough
aircraft to start an airline on barter.
More seriously, he says it is time
to set up a specialist division to deal
with aircraft sales and leasing.
"We are acting as broker for 15
aircraft on our books on behalf of an
international aircraft leasing company,
financiers and airlines."
Until six months ago, aircraft
were the furthest thing from his
Among the planes is a fleet of five
Boeing 737-800s, until recently
leased to an Asian regional airline.
The airline returned the fleet to the
leasing company as financial problems
started to bite.
"These planes are available on
seven year leases," Sharpe says.
The upper asking price is
$520,000 in cash and $82,000 a
month in trade dollars. (Large
airlines will be able to negotiate the
price down.)
Sharpe and his team are talking
to three British airlines that have
shown interest

bloody hell

It's just taken me 2 hours to get tweeter on the blog page, who's idea as all this. But the gorgeous shoe lady came to my rescue assisted by the very able and clever Gary Gorman if you need help with using twitter for networking then Gary's your man.
Not sure if it's working now but if not Gary's got a job Tuesday.

1s ever blog

What am i doing? I haven't a clue.

Well here goes.

After months of listening to people from all walks of live I have decided that I can't beat them so here I am joining them.

where to start? I don't know, lets see.

Had a great day, started at 5.30am and was on my way to Welyn gdn City by 6.15am (lucky I love the mornings to everyone else's distress..)

got there a bit to early no traffic.

Had a great 4 Networking session with the guys there (cheers Paul and Daryl)

Then had a very good consultation with Abundant Solutions and am pleased to say we are now working together. Then of to a meeting in Huntingdon, 1 hour late (hate being late) but had good meeting.

Home, pizza for dinner, work out how to set up blog.

If you have just read this then it worked.

check out these guy's and