Friday, 6 March 2009

1s ever blog

What am i doing? I haven't a clue.

Well here goes.

After months of listening to people from all walks of live I have decided that I can't beat them so here I am joining them.

where to start? I don't know, lets see.

Had a great day, started at 5.30am and was on my way to Welyn gdn City by 6.15am (lucky I love the mornings to everyone else's distress..)

got there a bit to early no traffic.

Had a great 4 Networking session with the guys there (cheers Paul and Daryl)

Then had a very good consultation with Abundant Solutions and am pleased to say we are now working together. Then of to a meeting in Huntingdon, 1 hour late (hate being late) but had good meeting.

Home, pizza for dinner, work out how to set up blog.

If you have just read this then it worked.

check out these guy's and

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