Friday, 13 March 2009

Well what a week so far!

Monday went over to office which is a pain as it's a 1.5 hour drive but it was good to see most of the office staff lol, no all, well one was on holiday. Then over to Kettering and met Neil and yes i brought the coffee again.

Have decided the next group i'm going to set up will be Corby i think, hopefully in April at the Premier inn corby.

Tuesday was great, we had a networking meeting at The Hampton, in Peterborough.
I'm the area leader for the group so have to stand up and do most of the talking, but I hate it..
we had a great group in about 30 and they seemed to enjoy it, many heckling me for the laugh and we ran over by about 20mins. Garry Gorman did a presentation on twitter and it was so popular that about 7 of the group went over to Mc Ds to have a live twitter training session (excellent).

Went over to St Ives Cambs for a networking event and a curry. I was great met a few business people who may turn into great oppertunitys and the food was excellent. Cheers Neville (Three Counties) for the invite.

Had a meeting this week at the Haycock hotel just off the A1. What a nice place, coffee was good too.

After a great breakie down in Bishop Stortford 4N and meeting up with some great guys down there. I had a meeting with Nigel Lord at his offices. What a great guy and his firm has a great set up, apart from parking which was just a bit of a pain, Loughton drivers don't like to give way.

Well Been doing to much of this and not enough work.

Apart from doing some work going to give a lot of thought in to finding a new hobby or interest as I'm getting so bored. or is that boring lol.

laters x

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